Monday, July 15, 2013


Well, friends...  I can NOT believe that I've been on the Take Shape For Life (Medifast) program for 4 months now....  and to tell you the truth...  it's been pretty darn easy for me!  I'm almost shocked as to how I do not (for the most part) crave ANYTHING....  Sure if I'm around something that I used to eat all the time (tacos / pizza / baked potatoes) - my first "thought" may be..."I remember how GREAT that tastes"...but then I do a quick reality check to myself...and think of the weight I've lost - and how Great I feel - and those yummy thoughts dissipate.  Instead I fill up my water bottle, find my Healthy food - and keep going...

4 months...  My weight is at 150.5.  I've lost 38.5 lbs in 4 months!  WOW....  I can't stress enough how HEALTHY I feel!  The energy I have is incredible.  I also just realized this week how my Sleep has changed.  When I first started on this program, I remember telling my health coach - I just can't stay asleep.  I was getting to sleep okay, but STAYING asleep was another thing...  I'd got to sleep around midnight - and be awake at 4am.  NOW... I'm ready for bed about 10pm or so - and literally can sleep until 7am!  It feels so good to have SLEEP.  I'm not saying for sure that it was TSFL - but I really think that getting some weight off, and eating HEALTHY really was the key. now for my measurements:

Day 1:                                            Month 4                                               Total Loss
Upper arms at 15.3 inches              Upper arms at 12.4 inches                     -2.9 inches
Chest at 43 inches                          Chest at 38 inches                                  -5 inches
Waist at 40.5 inches                       Waist at 33.5 inches                               -7 inches
Hips at 46 inches                            Hips at 39.75 inches                              -6.25 inches
Thighs at 28.5 inches                     Thighs at 24.9 inches                             -3.6 inches

It's definitely coming off...  NOW - I need to tone!

Here's the PICs....