Thursday, August 29, 2013

50 lbs - GONE !!!!

                                        HUGE GOAL....  50 LB WEIGHT LOSS!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I know this blog insert is before my 6 months..but I'm just too happy NOT to share :)

The "big" picture above was taken this past December - Christmas Morning to be exact...  Dec 25, 2012
The picture with my beautiful daughter and  I was taken August 17, 2013.

I started my Healthy Journey - on March 11, 2013...  and I weighed on August 27, 2013 - and reached my 50 LB Weight Loss!!  That is  5 mths and 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are looking for an answer for yourself or a loved one....Here is my website and contact information!


Blessings to you all!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


5 months have come (and gone) and I'm just now getting this posted... UGH.

It's been kind of crazy busy here.  A lot going on, and my family and I just got back from our Road Trip Vacation to Minnesota/North Dakota/South Dakota :)  What a blast we had!

1st off...  My weight at 5 months....August 12 - 142.5 lbs!  I am down 46.5 lbs!!!!!!!  That's just a CRAZY dream that has become a reality!


THEN:  Upper Arms: 15.3                       NOW:    Upper arms at 12.5 inches   -2.8
                       Chest  43                                                  Chest at 36.7 inches   -6.3
                       Waist  40.5                                               Waist at 32.7 inches   -7.8
                          Hips 46                                                   Hips at 39.5 inches    -6.5
                       Thighs 28.5                                             Thighs at 25 inches       -3.5

These are Rough measurements - but to say I'm Thrilled is not saying enough :)  I started off a size 16, and now a size 10.
I am 12.5 lbs from my goal (130 lbs).  And we will see...when I get to 130, I will re-evaluate.  See if I'm happy there, or can go a few more lbs..  I'm short, so I could probably lose a little more.  But - we will see!!

As far as the Health Coach Business side of things - I now have 8 clients that I'm so excited to be coaching!  I love the weekly weigh ins - and getting to participate in the JOY they have as they say GOODBYE to that old number!!  :)  Life is Good!

Our VACATION:  That was an adventure...  I planned, and prepped, and still had a few set-backs...but overall, I'd say it was a Success!  I stepped on the scale today - just for good measure, and had lost .5 lbs., while on a "road - trip" vacation!  That was pretty awesome!

Bye for now, my friends...;.