Thursday, November 7, 2013

8 Months - Setbacks - surgery...

Well, today is Nov. 7, 2013 - almost exactly 8 months since I've started my Healthy Journey!
I have gotten down to 133 lbs....about a month ago - and am back up to 138.5.  Right back at my 50 lb mark (yet again).
September was an incredibly BUSY month...  We were on tour with American Idol finalist, Phil Stacey - which took weeks (mths) preparing for - then the day AFTER the tour was over, my BFF and I headed to
St. Louis for a Joyce Meyer Women's Conf, (which is our annual get-a-way)...where we were rear-ended, which led to me having Whip-Lash... UGH!
So - back home - and having therapy on my neck... now into the month of October, and I have a major Gall Bladder admitted into the hospital, Gall Bladder OUT - and told to stay off my Weight Loss Program (Medi-fast) for at least 3 weeks....
So - what would most Health Coaches do?  Keep good habits, eat 6 x's a day, and make healthy choices.  What do I do??  Not eat ANYTHING the first week, eat EVERYTHING the 2nd week, and eat sporadically the 3rd week.  Which all equals gaining 5.5 lbs!!!  UGH..really?  CRAZY!
Well... Now that I've gotten out my CONFESSION...  I can now focus on getting back on track.  I've done pretty well this week, and I'm determined, once again...because, believe it or not - those 5.5 lbs., I can FEEL in my JEANS!