Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 7

I can't believe it's already been 7 weeks!!  Time has flown by, and the pounds have melted off...  I still have a ways to go, but I'm feeling so great!

Today's weight loss was...-2.5 lbs!  Total of 18.5 lbs in 7 weeks!  WHOOHOO....!

Since I started becoming a Health Coach, I also now have 2 clients, and another potential client I am meeting with tomorrow!  So happy to start helping others on their own healthy journey!

Pictures to come NEXT week :)  That will be my 2 months!

Love you all!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 6 (7 Weeks since I started TSFL for the 1st time)

Well, I think I'm going to call myself the "2lb Loser" - because that seems to be my average weight loss now.  I'm NOT complaining :)  I'm happy to see that number GONE every week!  Today, I weigh 172...for the LAST time :)

This week I  made a big decision...  I decided to become a Health Coach!  I'm really excited about this.  I know I've only lost 17 lbs. thus far - but I know I'm on the right path - and why not try to coach others along as I'm being coached myself??  I really believe I can help someone else!  I totally believe in TSFL and Medifast - so why not?

So - yet another NEW adventure for me :)

My life is a very busy one.  I homeschool 4 kids - who are ALL involved in a lot of extra curricular activities - and so I'm chauffeuring a lot, volunteering at their events, etc.  Plus all the birthday parties, weddings, soon to be graduation parties, etc....  And this program is DO-ABLE through all of this!  Stick to the plan - it WILL work for you!!!  :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 5

Stepped on the scale, -2 lbs :)  My weight is 174 - I'm down 15 lbs. since I stepped on that scale 6 weeks ago!  Whoo Hoo!

Last week at church was the first time someone 'noticed' that I'd lost weight.  Someone that I hadn't told I was trying to lose weight.  That was a great feeling!!  I'm looking forward to Vacation this summer - we will go see my brother in North Dakota...  can't wait to see his expression!!

I don't have a lot to say this time...  Couple of really "hungry" moments this week - but I just drank a bottle of water, and waited for my 3 hours to get here...I like having more "on the go" foods (pretzels, bars, etc.,) because we are so busy this season with 3 of my kids in a big theater production of The Little Mermaid.  That has taken a HUGE portion of our time...  so having things in my purse, that I don't have to prepare, has been AWESOME.

Until next time....

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 4 - ONE MONTH

I was a little nervous stepping on the scale this morning.  My hubby and I just came back from a weekend trip, and although I "believe" I did well, it's still hard to gauge how much MEAT I'm it enough?  Or too much??

So - Onto the scale I stepped....and the needle went down to 176!!!!  I lost 2.5 lbs since last Monday and a One Month TOTAL of 13 lbs.

I also took my measurements again..  Here they are...
BACK   - 37.5"   (-1.75")                            BUST - 40.75" (-2.25")
WAIST - 38.5"    (-2")                                 HIPS  - 43.5"   (-2.5")
Rt ARM - 13.75" (-1.5")                      Rt. THIGH - 28       (-.5")

Not too shabby, Right?  For one month - I can definitely tell in my clothes.  I've gone down a pant size.  Luckily I still have "some" things from my thinner days - in hopes of, "One day I'll fit back into this...".  Well, I'm finally seeing "One Day" starting to happen.  Obviously I have further to go, but what a great start!

TSFL has GREAT, tasty foods.  This month, I selected more "on the go" foods, as I found I ran out of those last month.  So I ordered a lot more bars, pretzels and puffs.  I'm a busy mom of 4 kids who are always on the go -so I am keeping some (non-melting) things in each of my vehicles...just in case - and YES, I have had to use those a couple times! are my Pictures (UGH)...I still hate taking pictures of myself.  Will that ever change?
Can you tell a difference from Week 1???  :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 3

April Fools....yes, today is April 1, 2013...and my scale was playing a mean trick on me.  I lost 1/2 a lb.  I know I should be happy with a loss...and really, truly, I am.  But I'm disappointed too...  I think I would have been ok with 1 lb., but 1/2???

So, I had to start thinking back on what I did over the week, and honestly, I did "almost" everything right.  After my talk with my Health Coach, Kim, I realized when I was eating chicken...I was forgetting my healthy fat.  That's important.

I'm also changing up my lean & green time to eat.  I  normally eat it at dinner with my family, but I"m going to eat it for lunch a couple days, and see if that does anything.

So, ONWARD and FORWARD...disappointments and all.  I will NOT give up the fight...