Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 11: Grad party & Family Reunion

Week 11 - I lost anther 1.5 lbs.  - Which I am EXTREMELY happy with!
I'm down a total of  26.5 lbs in 11 weeks....Crazy - right?  YUP.

This week was kind of wild & crazy (I know, what week isn't around the Karns' house, right?)

2 of my boys (and I) went and auditioned for "The King & I" with our community theater group, Prairie Players, on Thursday...  Full night - and I was an hour late eating...  (by the way - I am playing one of the Kings' wives, Oldest son is a Palace Guard, and middle son is a Royal child)

Friday - ran errands all day, getting ready to travel to Missouri the next day for my cousins' grad party, and a family reunion the next day....  And Friday night, my parents and my husband & I went to a Dinner Theater (Circa 21) for our early Anniversary.  Had a great time - and yes, I stayed on track :)  They always have a buffet, and I knew that there would be choices for me....  They had Tilapia and Pork (roast) - so I had some of that - and a salad, and mixed veggies....  Yummy, and I was full!

I actually had to eat a 7th time this day - the first time I've ever done that!!!!!!!!!!!!  But, it was late when we got back, and I still needed to get things packed for our trip....

Saturday - we left for Missouri....  It was so good to be around the family again!  We stayed at my aunt & uncles house - and my aunt (who is really more a friend - since she's a year younger than me) and I stayed up pretty late - which means, yes, I ate a 7th time again that day!  I know it's ok...but it makes me nervous for some reason!  Just being real!

Sunday - the family reunion...  There was nothing I could eat there.  Seriously - NOTHING.  But that's ok...I was prepared, and just had my Yummy Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks!!!  I love those things!  Seriously!  My family left Missouri, and headed home - stopped at Cracker Barrel, and I got grilled Chicken tenders and Green Beans (boy do I love their green beans).

All in all...I say it was a successful weekend!!!

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