Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 2

"Scale, don't fail me now" what my thoughts were as I stepped on it this morning!  LOL.   And when it read  179 - I about jumped (for joy) off of it!!  That's a loss of 4.5 lbs this week, and a total loss of 10 lbs for 2 weeks!!  Oh My Goodness, I'm so excited!

This week I had a couple of rocky days, too...  I wasn't tempted, or anything like that - but I was BUSY - and busy means it's hard to eat on schedule...  I had to eat earlier than "3 hours", a few times, and I know that's "ok" but it makes me nervous, cuz I'm a detailed kind of person - and like to be on schedule. And a couple of times, I was 10 to 30 minutes AFTER my 3 hours :(

On Sat. night, my husband and I ate over at our Pastor and Wife's house - and that went smoothly.  He grilled steaks, and she made a nice salad ( along with other things) but that's what I ate - and my plate was nice and full!

Then on Sunday, I met a dear friend for lunch at a great little place in Geneseo, IL.  I called ahead to make sure they had options that I could eat.  I ordered Baked Chicken, Veggies, and a side salad.  When the salad came, it had slivered carrots, and shredded cheese (duh, I forgot to ask what was ON the salad!).  I did my best to move them to the side without being too conspicuous.  Then my Baked chicken came  -  and was BREADED!!  OH MY... who would've thought?  So, off came the breading and skin...!  I still had a very enjoyable lunch, and had a great time with my friend.

So, stepping up on that scale today... I will admit I was nervous!  But OH - I'm sooo happy.  I put on a pair of jeans that I haven't worn in years!!  They fit great at the waist, a little tight in the thighs, but I'm wearing them RIGHT NOW anyway!  :)

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